Learn to Meditate

Meditation Workshop

Saturday 6 October 10:30am Check-In and Welcome Snack, 10:45am-12:30pm Workshop $22/$19 concession or use your class card

Meditation is increasingly being recognised by the Western medical establishment as a major component in health and wellness. Regular practice helps us to cope with stress, improve health, unlock creativity, and exposes the peace within. The mind is like a kite. Sometimes it flies away or gets tangled! Learn to let go of the string of thoughts in which the mind becomes entangled. In Sanskrit ‘man’ translates as mind and ‘tra’ implies to steady and focus, so mantras invite us to steady and focus the mind. Be inspired to integrate mental clarity and calm into your daily life. Beginners will focus on the basic concepts and experienced meditators will learn new skills to refine their practice. For further details please contact Marie via email at integral_yoga@bigpond.com or phone 9866 8171.



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