Mar 2018

To Know Yourself

“When you know yourself… you know everything and you understand everyone. It’s not easy to know yourself. It takes work and perseverance. But even the effort can be joyous, and when that realisation dawns, you will enjoy your own true nature, which is always peaceful and happy.” Swami Satchidananda

In its true sense, yoga is not outcome oriented. Think of the practices as a process of learning more about ourselves, rather than aiming to achieve something. We can observe ourselves as we are today, recognise that tomorrow will be different, and understand that’s ok!

 Autumn Meditation – Saturday 3 March and Monday 5 March, incorporated within usual class times, no extra fee

Meditation provides the means to access an inner knowing, enabling us to realise our full potential. Practising in a group creates a harmonious atmosphere which deepens that experience. During the first class of every season we will lengthen the meditation component within the regular hatha yoga sequence, extending access to innate intelligence, awakening awareness and enlightening consciousness.

 An Extra Hour of Being – Saturday 31 March 9:00-10:30am, $22/$19 or use your class card

We are all familiar with the physical body, the breath, the mind and the intellect, but according to the yogic philosophy we have five levels of being called koshas. These koshas are illusionary sheaths or veils that conceal our true nature. We will savour the extra hour around Daylight Savings Time during the hatha yoga class, unite with the light of our inner being, and understand that we are divine beings experiencing a human life.

Restorative Yoga with Shanthi in Sandringham – Sunday 15 April 3:00-4:15pm, $22/$19 concession

Restorative Yoga focuses on physical and mental relaxation via poses aided by props, enhancing their therapeutic benefits. This gentle empowering session will help you de-stress, re-energise and re-balance. Suitable for people of all levels of fitness and health, including pregnant and postnatal women, those who are managing aches and pains, sleep deprived, or simply wanting to unwind. No prior experience is necessary for this session at Shanthi’s calm, air-conditioned home studio. Space is limited and bookings are essential. Please liaise with Marie.

Compassion Games – Survival of the Kindest.  Monday 16 April 6:00-7:30pm, $22/$19 or use your class card

To be deep, authentic and long lived, compassion must start with the unification of our entire being. When the mind, body and thoughts are not integrated, we are not present. Conversely, when abundantly connected with ourselves we are able to see others. We will flow through the basic hatha yoga sequence acknowledging that compassion arises from the recognition of the shared human condition.

Labour Day

No class will be held on Monday 12 March. For Monday students, the long weekend may present you with an opportunity to attend the Saturday morning class which will be led by my wonderful daughter Shanthi, a highly accredited Integral Yoga teacher and health care professional. Her nurturing teaching style fosters a calm and caring atmosphere, and you are in for a treat while I take a short break.

Please contact me if you require further information regarding the programs detailed above. Advance bookings for special events are always appreciated. May the entire universe be filled with peace and joy, love and light!


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