May 2016

Better Than Google!

There are many reasons to practice hatha yoga. Some of us may focus on relaxing and others on energising. We might seek to reduce physical pain and gain the benefits of greater health or to simply connect with the ever present underlying sensations of comfort and wellbeing. Integral Yoga hatha is a tool for self-discovery.  As our understanding of asana increases, we acknowledge more clearly, the effects of the natural ebb and flow of the movements on the body, the emotions and the mind. With continued practice, we grow less prone to recoil from the challenges of life, and more likely to respond with conscious, affirmative action. We learn to tap into a level of intelligence which results from our personal experience, the type of information which is not available via Google, and which is of superior use to us. The programs offered below aim to support you on a transformative search for genuine self-knowledge and intrinsic understanding.

Walking Meditation and Afternoon Tea – Sunday 1 May 2:00-3:30pm, $5

Meditative walking deepens connections with nature and our true self, without the need to reach a specific location! When contemplating each footstep taken, we arrive fully in the present moment. This introspective walking experience will be held amongst the fig, poplar, elm and oak trees in Fawkner Park via direct access from my home, or indoors if the weather is unsuitable. Afternoon tea is included. Please contact me if you wish to book.

Chanting in Sandringham – Sunday 22 May 2:30-4:00pm, $10 and $15 for families

On the day of a full moon, this chanting session will focus on simple phrases in Sanskrit and other ancient languages, to help bring us into harmony and more fully experience our innate peace and happiness. All are welcome and no knowledge of yoga or chanting is required. Please note this session will be held at Shanthi’s home studio in Sandringham. For bookings or more information, please liaise with me.

Restorative Yoga in Sandringham – Sunday 19 June 3:00-4:15pm, $22/$19

Restore energy, reduce stress and relax completely. Restorative yoga is the practice of specific asanas with the body fully supported by pillows, bolsters and blankets. In the supported state, yoga poses can be held for a longer time, enhancing their therapeutic benefits and helping you rest deeply and completely. Suitable for people with various health conditions and especially relaxing for those in good health, both new and experienced students are welcome. Please note that this session will be held at Shanthi’s home studio in Sandringham. Please liaise with me for bookings or further details.

 Full Moon – Hatha Yoga – Monday 20 June 6:00-7:30pm, $22/$19 or use your class pass

The energy of the full moon inspires us to open our heart to ourselves and to others. We have the power to create each and every moment of our daily and spiritual life to reflect our authentic self. The auspicious energy of the full moon, together with the company of others sharing a similar vision, helps facilitate the awareness of calm and stillness. We will flow through the foundational Integral Yoga sequence with an emphasis on harmonising the practices with the natural qualities of peace associated with our true nature. Soft candlelight will set a hushed tone for this sensitive hatha yoga class. Please let me know if you have any queries.

Slow Down! Retreat Day with Marie and Shanthi in St Kilda Road

Saturday 15 October 9.30am-5.00pm, Early bird $90/85 concession by 17 September – Standard $100/$95 concession, Half-day $60/$55 concession

“Suppose we went at a slow enough pace, not only to smell the flowers, but to feel our bodies… and to look openly without agenda or timetable into the faces of loved ones. Suppose we stopped gulping fast food and started savouring slow food, grown, cooked, served and eaten with care… S l o w . . . d o w n . . . first! Then quietly, carefully, think about what else might need to be done.” Donella Meadows. Slow down and be! This retreat is designed for all ages and levels of experience. To derive the maximum benefits you are encouraged to attend for the whole day, although bookings may be accepted for the morning or afternoon only. A nourishing hot lunch is included, catering to all dietary requests. Space is limited and bookings are essential. A deposit of $50 is required to confirm your commitment and secure a place. Please contact me if you have any questions, personal requests or suggestions regarding this relaxing day at my home.

 Hall Maintenance and Etiquette

To save wear and tear, the church folk have requested that certain curtains remain closed at all times and that teachers take extra care, so please avoid opening or closing the curtains. Similarly, students are requested not to open the windows, as sometimes they are not closed after class, leaving the hall exposed to elements of heat, cold and rain. Thank you in anticipation of your understanding.

May the entire universe be filled with peace and joy, love and light!




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