July 2014


The traditional yoga customs integrate a mind-body approach to wellbeing, transcending culture, racial divide and ethnicity. Consequently, these universal teachings are still relevant today. The distinctive characteristics of hatha yoga and meditation warrant that these practices respect the integrity of each individual. Notwithstanding the rush of modern life, ensure you program every day with ample time to assimilate the ancient principles of yoga.

Chanting in Sandringham – Saturday 12 July, 3.30-5.00pm, $15/$25 families

At Guru Purnima, the full moon in July, we honour great teachings, past and present, which have brought wisdom, healing, love and light into the world. Throughout the ages, many communities have sought to realise the spirit within through music and sound vibration. Generations of ancient yogis have developed the practice of repeating certain mantras with care and concentration, to experience inner peace. We’ll include mantras from the Integral Yoga kirtan and celebrate the core understanding that ‘Truth is One, Paths are Many’. No chanting or yoga experience is required. Family and friends are especially welcome. Please liaise with me for bookings, the address or further details.

Note: This session will be held at Shanthi’s home studio in Sandringham.

 Who are You? – Saturday 26 July, 9.00-10.30am, $20/$18, or use your class card

Each individual can be likened to a lamp with five lampshades of different textures and densities covering the light bulb. As the pure light shines through each of the shades, it progressively changes in quality and nature. The shades augment the original beauty of the light, yet they also obscure the radiance of its glow. The Integral Yoga hatha class helps us to become more familiar with these different layers of our being, simultaneously drawing the interconnecting bodies into a state of balance and harmony with each other. This class follows the traditional hatha yoga format and includes a guided relaxation and meditation intended to expose the true light of the inner self. Please address any queries to me.

 Meditation Classes – Saturdays 26 July, 2 August, 9 August, 16 August, 10.45am-12.30pm

Early bird by 12 July $100/$95 concession for all 4 sessions; Standard $110/$105 concession for all 4 sessions; Single session $30/$28 concession

Is your mind where you want it to be? If not, it’s time to train it! Meditation helps to manage stress, to improve health, to unlock creativity and more! Meditation is now recognised by western medicine as a major component in health and wellness. To discover which methods resonate most effectively you will learn a variety of techniques. To develop a thorough understanding of meditation and to derive the maximum benefits, you are encouraged to book for all 4 sessions, although each class may be attended on a casual basis. New students and anyone wishing to enhance or strengthen their practice is welcome to attend. Please contact me for bookings and further information.

Full Moon Hatha Yoga – Monday 11 August, 6.00-7.30pm, $20/$18 concession, or use your class card

The energy of the full moon inspires us to open our heart to ourselves and to others. You have the power to create each and every moment of your daily and spiritual life to reflect your authentic self. The auspicious energy of the full moon and the company of others sharing a similar vision will help facilitate the awareness of the calm and stillness within. Soft candlelight will set a hushed tone. We will flow through the foundational Integral Yoga class with an emphasis on harmonising the practices with the natural qualities of peace associated with the true self. Please let me know if you have any queries.

Positive Thinking! Group Meditation – Saturday 30 August, 10.30-11.00am, $5

When disturbed by negative thoughts, initiate opposite, positive thinking. This is pratipaksha bhavana. If we are aware of unfavourable attitudes before they manifest as words or actions, we retain the power to reverse them by changing our approach, rather than hoping to change the state of affairs or the people who we perceive cause us to be unhappy or disgruntled. This practice enables us to remain harmonious, balanced and openhearted. Group meditation creates a powerful energy that deepens our experience of inner calm and serenity. New and experienced meditators are welcome and there is no requirement to practise hatha yoga to attend this session. It is important for the body to be comfortable or the mind will stray. Seating options include chairs, stools and cushions. If you plan to come, or have any questions, please let me know.

 Restorative Yoga in Sandringham – Sunday 14 September, 4.00-5.15pm, $20/$18 concession

Restorative yoga is the practice of certain asanas with the body fully supported by pillows, bolsters and blankets. In the supported state, yoga poses can be held for a longer time, enhancing their therapeutic benefits and helping you rest deeply and completely. Suitable for people with various conditions and especially relaxing for those in good health, new and experienced students are welcome.

Note: This session will be held at Shanthi’s home studio in Sandringham and bookings are required. Please liaise with me for the address or further details.

 Balance! – Monday 22 September, 6.00-7.30pm, $20/$18 concession, or use your class pass

Invite the spring equinox to inspire you to feel steady and stable. We all have particular tendencies and inclinations, and without awareness these patterns create imbalance. Sometimes our stability, or lack thereof, is reflected in our physical balance. By becoming aware of our habitual predispositions and consciously applying their opposites we can release ingrained patterns of doing and being, and bring body, mind and spirit back into union. We will move through the primary Integral Yoga sequence adding some extra balance poses and including various suggestions to help foster equilibrium. Please contact me for further information.

 Illuminate! Day Retreat with Marie and Shanthi in St Kilda Road

Saturday 11 October, 9.30am-5.00pm.

Early bird by 13 September $100/$95 concession

Standard $110/$105 concession

Half day $65/$60 concession

Discover the power yoga has to light up your life and create a memorable experience that stays with you long after the day ends. As it has been since the ancient past, and will continue to be for millennia to come, the science of yoga offers various ways to nurture and delight you. This retreat provides the opportunity to spend time together and enrich your life through the light of the yoga teachings. To derive the maximum benefits and develop a profound appreciation of the true light of your inner self, you are encouraged to attend for the whole day, although bookings may be accepted for the morning or afternoon only. A nourishing hot lunch is included. Space is limited and bookings are essential. A deposit of $50 or the full early bird fee is required to confirm your commitment and secure a place. Please contact me for the address and relevant details.

Note: The retreat day will be held at my home in St Kilda Road.


May the entire universe be filled with peace, joy, love and light!


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